Sound Design/ Composition





Rosie Ridgway is a multidisciplinary artist and musician working in a range of media including sound, performance, sculpture and costume and learning and social arts practice. Rosie’s practice is often collaborative or participatory and is centred around experimentation, celebrating difference and increasing accessibility.

Rosie studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths and in 2014, alongside fellow artists, Rosie created an unaccredited M.A. course called School of The Damned, which ran as a critical, self- governing M.A. This course was created to protest to the high tuition fees of the current education system. School of the Damned is in its 9th year. 

Rosie works within inclusive arts organisation Heart n Soul, working with musicians with learning disabilities, creating innovative and accessible music and art opportunities. They have exhibited and performed in South London Gallery, The Tate Modern, South Bank Centre, London. Within her work at Heart n Soul, Rosie works on Sound Lab, which  is a digital music making opportunity led by people with learning disabilities – pioneering work supporting independent music making, better understanding of inclusive practice and their voice within the music technology industry.

Rosie also works as a music producer and sound designer. She plays and tours with bands including RMA, H.M.S RMS and Dean Rodney Jr. and The Cowboys.